Board of Directors

Jenna Emerson

Matt Fluery

Daniel Trigg

Anthony Apodaca


A lot of people have donated their time and/or money to help make Revelry a welcoming and affordable place for local artists to create and experiement. Thank you to everyone!

Eric Wright

Jenna Pacitto

Sarah Wentsworth

Jon Van Luling

Noel Porter

Kerri-Ann Jennings

Michael Emerson

Owen Fowley

Steve Nova

Mourning Fox

Adam Rabin

Adrian Garneau

Carsen Russell

Catherine Emil

Keith A. Bradley

Meg Cline

Nicolas Trpovski

Rob Spaulding

Suzan Seymour

Jenna Emerson

Daniel Trigg

Matt Fleury

Anthony Apodaca

Richard Bowen

Jeremy Rayburn